Take Your Millinery Skills to the Next Level

Sprout Your Millinery Skills by Learning How to Make Hats with Video Tutorials

Imagine having your own millinery business in your own town and having significant high-paying clients just waiting to hire you for your services. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Or you can finally complete your costume or outfit with the perfect accessory that you can't easily find in a store?

Even if you don't wish to make it a profession, it would make you an exceptional artist or costumer that everyone would praise about. But how do you learn millinery skills in a way that:

  • -Does not bore you
  • -Keeps you determined
  • -Motivates you to learn more

So you can become a master hat maker?

Introducing Seams Like Trouble's

Millinery Master Class

Hi. I am Mel.

... and I have a series of video tutorials for you that will allow you to hone millinery skills in mere days! This course is perfect for anyone who wishes to turn their hat or costume passion into a rewarding hobby, or even a profession!

Why Choose a Video Tutorial Program over Live Sessions

If you're into hat-making then you might already know that there are only a few hat-makers that teach this skill to other people, and they charge high if you even get the chance to attend their session. The worst part is: you don't get to repeat or revise what you have learned unless you pay for the sessions again.

This can be frustrating for people who want to learn at their own pace and don't have time to schedule their life for those millinery sessions.

This is where a video course comes in handy! With a video course, you can:

-Learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere

-Watch the course as many times as you want to.

-Never miss a tutorial because it's always available.

-Fit your lesson commitments around your own life schedule.

Here is What is Included in the Course

This particular video course is in three sections:

1. Blocking a Fedora (Or Other Shaped Hat)

2. Newsboy Hat

3. Flat Cap (a.k.a. Hunting Cap)

Each of these sections contain step by step, simple to follow videos which allow you to harness millinery skills and craft these three hats while watching the videos simultaneously. In other words, you'll learn to mold, decorate and sew a hat to perfection.

More specifically, here is how it works:

Blocking a Fedora/Shaped Hat:

Part 1- How to mold a felt hat crown, shaping & cutting the brim, and stiffening the hat

Part 2 - How to wire & bind a hat

Part 3- How to attach hat band & prepare decoration ribbon

Part 4- How to attach decoration ribbon

If you do not have a block to work with, check out my free course on how to make one yourself here:

Hat Block Workshop

Newsboy Hat:

(Includes Pattern)

Part 1- How to cut fabric from the pattern, sew the cap of the hat together, and top stitching.

Part 2- How to sew the lining and the hat band

Part 3- How to sew the visor & visor insert, attach the lining to the rest of the hat, and how to hand sew the Slip Stitch

Flat Cap (a.k.a. Hunting Cap)

(includes pattern)

Part 1- How to cut the fabric from the pattern and sew the visor

Part 2 - How to sew the side pieces together,  sew the sides to the top, topstitch the outside and cut the lining

Part 3 - How to attach the lining to the outside of the hat, swirl grosgrain ribbon, and attach the grosgrain ribbon.

Part 4- How to hand stitch the grosgrain ribbon and finish the hat.

I am interested!

So what are you waiting for? Click the button, down below, and buy the course now!

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