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Night of Mystery; Trailer Park Tragedy costume

Last year, James’ sister & her husband had gone to a Murder Mystery party at one of their friends’ places. They kept saying how they had such a great time and finally decided to throw one of their own for James’ brother in law’s birthday.

With the Night of Mystery games, there appears to be different themes, and then when as a guest you are assigned a character, there is information on the background of your character as well as suggestions for things to wear. When we got the original invitation saying it was the Trailer Park Tragedy, I got excited about the costume I would get to put together.

I was too anxious to wait til after I got my character info to start, so before we even got our assigned characters I was researching trailer park fashions for inspiration. I already love animal prints so acting on my idea of leopard print leggings would come with no buyers remorse for me at all. lol

I was also inspired by Kenny’s parents in South Park , especially his mother Carol with her “I’m with Stupid” shirt. I at first was looking up where I could buy one, but then found that it was a vintage thing from the 70’s so that made it even more interesting. I wanted to get the original design but time was running out for me to order something online. Thankfully I was able to find an image online of the original and printed it out on iron-on printer paper.

The last parts I wanted to add to my outfit were a flannel shirt, my daisy duke cutoff shorts and a handkerchief bandana

The character they chose for me, surprise surprise, was Mel Harrington (although later it’s revealed the full name is Melvin, but oh well. haha)

The description I was given was “Living on a limited budget, your wardrobe consists of fashionable items from the local second hand store. Among the current popular trends are: fitted white tank tops, denim, low cut tops, cut off jean shorts, flannel shirts, tight and/or ill fitting apparel with busy patterns.”

Finally getting the description pretty much confirmed my design idea, except that I also was supposed to be a dog lover so I wanted to find some sort of symbol of that. The best it seemed like I could do was get a small charm with a paw print in a heart. I don’t think it was that noticeable in the dimly lit room where the party was though. :/ I was just originally hoping for some simple “I <3 dogs” type pin but you can’t win ’em all.

The other issue with the room was that no one could see what my shirt said with how dark the Iron-on print out came out and the room being dimly lit.

Besides the technical difficulties caused by no time to order online/dim lighting, I think my costume turned out pretty good. It was at least what I envisioned. I didn’t win the “best costume” vote, but it’s not what I made the costume for anyways. I made it for the fun & feeling of being a new character, and had a great time.


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New York Comic Con ( NYCC17 )

This year’s NYCC was a very exciting one. This was the first year that I was accepted to receive a 4 day pro pass. I’m currently on a hiatus from my job at the children’s theatre after having sent out our first 4 tours so I was able to go all 4 days.

The first day I went to kind of explore the show floor and see what costumes people had put together. I almost skipped Thursday, but I saw on Facebook that Cheryl Henson was going to be there signing books about the movie The Dark Crystal so I had to go. (I love her family’s work, most well known her father Jim).

Baxter & Super Shredder

I think my favorite costume that day (and possibly the entire con) was Baxter Stockman as a fly from the 1980’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

On Friday, I went in the morning excited for a panel listed on the app about the “Golden Years” of Nickelodeon (my childhood). I was super psyched. On the way in, my favorite costume was someone dressed up as Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare before Christmas.

Oogie Boogie

I found the stage that the app said it was to be performed at but didn’t see it listed on the schedule posted at the stage. I went to ask the information desk and they told me it must’ve been cancelled. I was very annoyed and had to write a complaint to nycc on facebook to keep the app updated. When I was leaving to meet up with James for lunch, the best costume that made me smile was some woman dressed as Super Grover, but sadly I didn’t get a picture of her since she was rushing through the entrance and security.


After lunch with James, I went back since I saw that there was a panel about the Animaniacs in the afternoon (my favorite cartoon). I thought there might be a line so I made sure to get there like an hour and a half early. 

Yakko Wakko and Dot

I saw a group cosplay of the Animaniacs in the lobby area, as well as a Darkwing Duck, a very well done Chewbacca and Master Roshi (Kame Sama) from Dragon Ball which stood out to me.

Darkwing Duck


The Animaniacs panel was awesome and it was great seeing my favorite cartoon’s voice actors chatting and doing their Warner voices- especially hearing hints about it maybe coming back? *fingers crossed*

Master Roshi a.k.a. Kame Sama








On Saturday, James got to go with me and we both dressed up. I got out my ol’ April costume from the 80’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and James as Tina, his favorite Belcher kid from Bob’s Burgers.

James got numerous pictures taken of him as Tina, I think I posed for only about 3? It was also on this day that McDonalds was doing its limited Szechuan sauce thing, so we tried going to the nearest participating one but the line was down the block so we just went to Arby’s and took a cab back. It was also on this day that we started counting all the Rick Sanchez costumes from Rick & Morty. We made it back in time to get in line for a performance of “Twisted Toonz” where a bunch of voice actors read a classic movie script as characters either they voiced for cartoons or impressions of characters/celebrities. They did Ghostbusters. It was hilarious! After that got out, we went around the show floor for a bit where James won a ‘Member Berry & Tshirt from a South Park set up for doing the best Cartman impression. We then decided to head out to Madison Square Garden early to get into a Walking Dead Panel that was going to start an hour and a half later. We thankfully made it in time and got ok seats after sitting through a video of an interview with Stan Lee. It was an interesting interview, we just weren’t as excited about it as we were The Walking Dead panel.

Sunday was an interesting day….. We were in an Uber on the way to the Javitz Center when I realized I left my phone behind. Therefore I couldn’t take any pictures, and separating for different panels was probably not a good idea. We were a bit in a hurry though since I wanted to put together a spur of the moment hat to look like Slappy Squirrel for a picture we had reserved with the cast from Animaniacs. We had to swing by my apartment to get the yellow ducktape I still had from making James’ Donatello costume a few years ago, then we had to go to Party City for a bowler. I brought along a flower I had gotten Friday night at Michaels when I originally had the idea, and thought I had all the other pieces….. but I was wrong. I was also wrong about having seen cheap bowler hats at Party City so I ended up getting a cardboard/felt fedora that I tried to round out and wore backwards, adding the flower with the duck tape as the band. I casually wore a grey cardigan over a white tank top, but only got a comment from someone in line for the Animaniacs photo in front of us that it was a creative idea.

The cast of Animaniacs & Us. We’re definitely framing this. lol

Turns out the cast didn’t even recognize that it was Animaniacs related so Jess Harnell gave me a hug and called me his favorite leprechaun and Rob Paulsen told me I was magically delicious. lol. I’ll take it, they’re my heroes. When we were back wandering the show floor and excited about our picture, we came across a big poster with a leprechaun character from Rick & Morty’s interdimensional cable that was a parody of Lucky Charms, so I posed in front of it.

It was a very eventful and satisfying con. In the end we counted 61 Rick Sanchez’s.

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